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         of Ghost Erasers 

Searching for the Paranormal......!

Mission Statement

M and M Investigators:

To help our clients feel safe in their own homes by cleansing the home of the paranormal activity and/or negative energy.

To provide house blessings  and cleansings with quality products and trusted techniques for best results 

To help educate our clients and others interested in the paranormal. 

To be a resource for paranormal information.

In the following pages you may hear or see things that might disturb you or may not be appropriate for smaller children, our intention is not to scare but to educate and to help others with their paranormal problems.  If you know someone who is having such a problem please have them contact us by email and we will contact them as soon as we can.  Phone contacts are welcome too.

With that being said we feel we must add this disclaimer:  M-and-M-Investigators/SAGE wants to provide you, the client, with the best service and information that we can possibily can.  M-and-M-Investigators/SAGE will not ever share your information without your written consent.  M-and-M-Investigators/SAGE hold the right not to provide services to residences, businesses, ect; for reasons of safety for M and M/SAGE and clients.  Safety reasons may include, but are not limitted to; unsafe conditions like a condemed area, hazardous waste areas, areas prone to floods, and any other reason that M-and-M-Investigators/SAGE deems as a risk.  M-and-M-Investigators/SAGE will not for any reason investigate a location without seeing that location and verifing its safety. 

M-and-M-Investigators/SAGE holds the copyrights for any and all writings, photos, videos, audios and all other content included on www.m-and-m-investigators.org and/or any other webpage that our name(s)may appear and any other media where our content may be currently or in the future added.

The above may have been hard to read but we thought it was important to add.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and tell a friend.

Matt and Mike


Our investigations will be scaled back but will still be conducted at no cost for our clients 

Books with Our Stories

Totally Scared The Complete Book on Haunted Houses- Co-authored by Dawn Colclasure and Martha Jette. http://www.totallyscared.webs.com/

Ghosts from Coast to Coast-Ghost Pictures from America's Best Ghost Investigators- authored by Kalyomi. http://www.goldenwestpublishers.com

Thanks to all of those who love the paranormal

The Sun Vs. The Earth

Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:
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